NLG Demonstration Support Hotline 206-422-4663

As free people, we all have certain rights that we lose unless we exercise them. Freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are two important rights that we must zealously guard. The right to remain silent and the right to counsel are two other rights. If you are approached by police officers and questioned, be polite but do not engage them in conversation – state, “I wish to remain silent and wish to have an attorney” and nothing else. You can also ask the officer, “Am I free to leave,” and if the officer says “yes,” then leave. Know that anything you say will be turned and twisted and manipulated to make you look guilty. If you are not a citizen of the U.S., do not answer any questions about your immigration status. You cannot lie to the police, but you have no obligation to say anything to them if approached on the street. If the police want to search you or your property without a warrant, tell them you are not consenting to any such searches. Do not physically resist, but do not agree to searches. If you have questions about your rights while protesting today or if you have information about an arrest, call the demonstration hotline at 206-422-4663.

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